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HVAC maintenance, repair and servicing are an essential and important aspect of keeping this particular type of equipment in top condition at all times. Here are a few straightforward and easy to implement ways of improving the overall operational capabilities of any HVAC system. For example, it is standard procedure to change the air filter on a monthly basis to ensure that clean air continues to flow throughout a home.

Power Should Be Turned Off

Another key aspect of maintaining an HVAC system is to have a technician perform a yearly inspection on the air-conditioning drain to avoid the possibility of backup. Air-conditioners should have their coils cleaned frequently using some type of air conditioning cleaner. It is important to note that the power should be turned off when conducting this type of cleaning on an HVAC system. It is equally important to make certain that all areas around the outdoor HVAC unit are clear of debris, leaves or anything else that can cause an obstruction to airflow.

Operating At Peak Energy Efficiency

As an added note, anyone working on an HVAC system should make certain that all access panels and doors are properly and securely closed when complete. When an access panel is left open or partially open it can result in unexpected problems in the HVAC system. With regard to saving energy there are number of things that can be done to ensure that an HVAC system is operating at peak energy efficiency. Annual tune-ups and inspections can go a long way in keeping energy efficiency at the highest levels possible. When a system is in good working order it will simply operate more efficiently.

Steady And Consistent Temperature

Finally, installing a programmable thermostat is an excellent way of improving energy efficiency when it comes to an HVAC system. The automatic function of a programmable thermostat will decrease and increased temperature as required, especially when the occupants of a home are away. Maintaining a steady and consistent temperature in a home or other type of structure can serve to greatly reduce energy costs. As an added tip, it is also a good idea to make sure that all doors and windows are adequately sealed so that conditioned air is not lost. Contact Parker & Sons today to learn more about Phoenix air conditioning repair services that are reliable, dependable and affordable.

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