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There is a growing concern among homeowners today with regard to indoor air quality. In fact, many studies have clearly indicated that indoor air quality is often far worse than outdoor air quality. Indoor air pollution is a serious concern having a number of health-related side effects that must be considered. An array of symptoms including everything from coughing to nausea and dizziness as well as headaches and asthma can be attributed in many cases to poor indoor air quality.

Persistent Allergies And Other Types Of Sinus Problems

Other common symptoms that could be attributed to indoor air pollution include immune system weakness, throat irritation, nose irritation, eye irritation and a wide variety of skin rashes. Asthma, persistent allergies and other types of sinus problems can also be attributed to inferior air-quality in the home. Equally of concern is persistent and hard to eliminate odors that occur throughout the home. Surprisingly, the right type of technology installed properly will work in conjunction with an HVAC system to eliminate many of these symptoms and problems.

Effective In Eliminating A Wide Variety Of Allergens

For example, one excellent technology that has quickly gained in popularity across the country and throughout the state is something known as an air scrubber. This is a unique and innovative type of technology that is similar in many ways to UV systems and uses light to destroy microorganisms. The air scrubber is a little bit different but equally as effective in eliminating a wide variety of allergens, microorganisms, dust and odors. The end result is substantially improved health and wellness for the occupants of any home that incorporates an air scrubber system.

Effectively Eliminate A Wide Variety Of Microorganisms

Best of all, once a system has been correctly installed it will last for many years and work 24 hours a day around the clock. This helps to ensure a cleaner and healthier home regardless of the time of year or the conditions outdoors. As an added bonus an air scrubber system will effectively eliminate a wide variety of microorganisms on virtually all surfaces throughout the home. Many studies have indicated that an air scrubber system can sanitize up to 99% of the surfaces in a typical home. Contact Parker & Sons today for air scrubber systems in Phoenix that are reliable, dependable and affordable.

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