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The kitchen drain is one of the most common locations for a clog. This is simply due to the fact that large amounts of food and other foreign matter are typically introduced into a kitchen drain at different times of the day. With that said, one of the best ways to handle a clog in a kitchen drain is to simply prevent the clog in the first place.

In Order For Water To Continue Flowing Normally

It is typically the buildup of food particles and grease in a drain that causes it to clog. In addition, soap scum and even hair can result in a drain clogging. However these are more commonly found in bathroom drain related clogs. Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain and that is that a clog is a clog and it must be removed in order for water to continue flowing normally. Disposing of kitchen waste properly is probably one of the best ways to avoid a clogged drain problem.

Chemical Cleaners That Are Used Around The Home

A simple strategy in this regard is to never pour grease into a kitchen sink. In addition, coffee grounds should never be poured down the drain. These materials can all cause a serious clog related issue. Other common substances that typically contribute to a clog include many chemical cleaners that are used around the home. Another way to eliminate the possibility of a clog in a kitchen sink is to follow all manufacturers’ recommendations when using a garbage disposal system. Exceeding the capability of a garbage disposal can quickly cause a clog.

Avoid Allowing Small Pieces Of Food And Debris Into A Drain

Homeowners should be cautious to avoid putting fruit and vegetable rinds into a garbage disposal. In addition, running the water for a few seconds prior to putting food into a garbage disposal can greatly reduce the likelihood of a clog. Another important concern with regard to a kitchen sink is to simply avoid allowing small pieces of food and debris into a drain. The best way to accomplish this goal is to install an inexpensive metal screen type strainer in the sink’s drain. This can go a long way in preventing clogs over the long term. Contact Parker & Sons today for the best in Phoenix plumbing and HVAC services.

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