Smart Phones and AC Unite - Parker & Sons

The visions of the Jetsons are far from far away. Although flying cars are still nonexistent, self-driving cars, smart homes, and computer power at the palm of your hand is a very real reality. All of these innovations move towards a simpler life, a brighter today, and an even brighter tomorrow. Indeed human ingenuity is permeating every aspect of existence, including air-conditioning. Below are some helpful apps to help bring you up to speed with the rapidly accelerating future.

Belkin WeMo Expansion

This is essentially a universal sensor geared to you smart phone. Basically, doors or windows attune to an automatic sensor can now be controlled by your smart phone. You alarm system can also be puppeteered with a smart phone. Lastly, water sensors that remain ever vigilant, checking for leaks all the time, can be monitored with this App.

Petcube Camera

You ever wonder what you dog Odysseus is doing while you’re away from home. Indeed, a bored pet is a bad pet. But the Petcube Camera, accessible from your smart phone device, allows you to interact with your fluffy friend. You can even play with them and talk with them from a remote location.

Keen Home Smart Vent

The Keen Home Smart Vent application is essentially a temperature and pressure monitoring system that allows you to assess the health of your home’s air. This makes it easier than ever to save money on heating and cooling bills in your home.

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