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Who doesn’t remember growing up watching the Jetsons? Their futuristic home seemed amazing. Everything was automated. Talk to the shower and it would activate, speak to the oven, and it would start cooking your dinner, call out to the walls, and the temperature would change. It seemed like such high-tech homes could only exists in the distant future. Well, don’t look now, but the distant future may have arrived faster than we could have ever anticipated.

A Nest in Your Home

A leader among home automation technology, the Nest Thermostat is a self-learning, Wi-Fi enabled programmable thermostat. Nest is unlike any thermostat you have ever seen before. It watches and monitors everything that happens in your home. It learns when you would like your home cool, and when you would like it warm. It knows when you are not home, and when you are, and adjust accordingly. Nest Thermostats are designed not only to deliver unparalleled comfort, but to save energy as well

Sentri for Comfort and Security

The Sentri device makes use of a 360 degree camera and temperature monitoring system to not only keep your home a comfortable temperature, but also keep an eye out for intruders. Sentri connects to mobile devices through smartphone apps and can also function as a two way communication device.

Revolve, Your Home General

As you begin to automate the various components of your home, things may start to get a little overwhelming. You may have a device for temperature control, a device for security, a device to manage your appliances, and a device to manage your entertainment. Your smartphone might not even have enough storage space for all the apps you are going to need. Enter Revolv. Simply place Revolv in the middle of your home, and connect it to the Wi-Fi. It will scan your network, and connect to every home automation device you have. From now on, you can run your entire home through your Revolv. The future is finally here.

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