Smart Appliance Use Generates Savings - Parker & Sons

When it comes to reducing utility bills, the most common line of attack is to reduce water use. Sure, low output water saving showerheads, and turning the sink off when brushing are a feasible plan to lower energy bills. But they fail to take into account the intricacies of appliance savings. Simply using less water falls short of perfection, and we must advise against that.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Then go catch it! Just kidding. But what’s not a joke is the immense amount of money you could save by making energy conscious decisions when running your refrigerator. Always try to keep the freezer full for the energy efficient benefits it provides. Also, keeping a block of ice in your freezer will help the icebox maintain ideal temperature. And last but not least, don’t run an older inefficient model. Your freezer ought to be updated lest you waste precious energy and money.

Save with Washer and Dryer Settings

Laundry can be difficulty, especially for men who have had their mother and girlfriend do their laundry their whole life. But for the brave, daring men, who seem to have no problem washing their own clothes, there’re a few useful tips to take into account that can help you save money. First and foremost, always run cycles consecutively. Putting space between laundry cycles will cause the machine to waste energy, heating and cooling rapidly to clean your clothes. Secondly, and this should be obvious, always do full loads. There’s no need to run three or four small loads over the course of a week, when the same task could have been accomplished all in one load. The savings for smart appliance use are immense, and we encourage all residents of Phoenix to reduce their energy bills.

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