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When you are on a mission to save money (which is probably most of the time) the first money-sink you should turn your leery gaze towards is your home. Yes, your humble abode. Your home is where your heart is. It is also where the majority of your hard-earned money disappears. From your mortgage payment to your cable bill to your electrical bill, it all adds up. Or rather… subtracts from your bank account. Start saving money today by cutting down on your energy consumption with these small changes.

Be a Brief Brusher

Oral hygiene is very important. You only have one set of teeth (baby teeth don’t count). Once they are gone, you are out of luck. But when it comes to brushing, more is not necessarily better. Avoid brushing for more than two minutes at a time. While you do want to get your teeth squeaky clean, you want to avoid wearing down your enamel with excessive, vigorous brushing. Minimize your water use as well. That’s where the savings comes in.

How Does Your Refrigerator Run?

If it went sentient and waddled its ample bulk out the door, you would probably say it’s running pretty poorly. But how is it running in terms of keeping your food cold? If the interior temperature of your refrigerator is cranked down too low, you could be wasting energy AND harming your food. That’s not good. Optimally, your refrigerator should run between 37-40 degrees. Anything higher and your food will be too warm. Anything lower you are just wasting dollars and making milk popsicles. Additionally, do not stare blankly into the open refrigerator for minutes on end hoping to find something inside that you just know doesn’t actually exists. You are not only wasting your time, but you are also wasting precious energy as well.

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