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Air-conditioning plays a vital and important role in keeping homeowners comfortable and safe throughout the summer and other times of the year. Most importantly, homeowners should consider a few simple and effective AC maintenance and repair tips as a way to keep a system operating at peak performance at all times. Perhaps one of the best ways to keep an air-conditioning system operating at its best is to always ensure that it is operating in a sealed system.

Conditioned Air Can Escape

There is little benefit in running an air-conditioning system if all the cool air is simply leaking to the outdoors. Keeping a home tightly sealed is one of the best ways to get the most out of any air conditioning system in terms of efficiency. From leaky doors to leaky windows there are many ways that conditioned air can escape from a home. Equally important is to ensure that there is always adequate insulation surrounding a home as a way to restrict airflow and the loss of air conditioning.

Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

Another excellent strategy for getting the most efficiency out of an air-conditioning system is to simply close the vents and doors in rooms that are not used in a home. In truth, it makes little sense to air condition a spare bedroom or other room that is simply not used on a regular basis. Equally important is to maintain a system on a regularly scheduled maintenance program. Another great way to maintain a system in the best condition is to simply have routine and regular maintenance Inspections performed.

Having Ducts Cleaned Occasionally Can Also Improve Performance

Routine inspections simply mean that a technician will detect potential problems in the earlier stages. This can ultimately result in saving homeowners money by averting the possibility of a complete system breakdown. Best of all, routine maintenance is surprisingly affordable and is a smart and effective approach to maintaining an air-conditioning system over the long term. As an added note, cleaning vents each month and changing filters can also add up to greater efficiency and better operating performance. Having ducts cleaned occasionally can also improve performance and keep indoor air quality at healthy levels. Contact Parker & Sons Inc. today to learn more about Phoenix air conditioning and cooling system maintenance, installation, inspection and repair.

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