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There comes a time in everyone’s life when their old faithful friend (AC), lets them down. Indeed, it is one of those jagged pills that is hard to swallow. Below are some signs that your AC is heading down hill, and is in desperate need of replacement.

Exceeding Ten Years Old

Your home should always outlive your AC unit. Most air-conditioning units will operate efficiently for around 10-15 years. But after the ten year mark hits, anything could happen. If your aged air-conditioning is accompanied by constant maintenance, and excessive costs for maintenance, then you need a new AC.  It’s hard to cut ties with an old friend, but there’s no need to throw your cash down a swirling whirlpool with a bottomless pit. You will quickly forget your old AC after enjoying cheaper utility bills, and the elimination of repair bills.

R-22? Be Gone with You

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is slowly fading out AC systems utilizing the refrigerant R-22. Indeed, the EPA released an international statement called the Act of Clean Air encouraging everyone to phases out R-22 as soon as possible. Indeed, manufacturers are prohibited from producing AC units that function with R-22, and by the year 2020 it will be impossible to own such a unit. Not only is R-22 bad for the environment, but it is proven to decrease the longevity of your AC system.

Rising AC Bills

This is a clear indication that your old faithful air-conditioning system is losing its edge and needs to be put down. Indeed, rising AC bills means decreased efficiency, and decreased efficiency means the end of your AC unit is drawing near. There’s no need to be malicious on your AC unit, but if it’s dragging you down, cut ties and move on to a newer, fresher option.

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