Sick Building Syndrome, what are the Symptoms, and How to Beat It - Parker & Sons

Have you ever had a headache, or felt irritable, or experienced irritation in your eyes, throat or nose? Maybe even experienced asthma-like symptom. Skin dryness, taste sensations, or gastrointestinal problems? Sure, we all have. But have those feelings been relieved as soon as you left a room of your home or perhaps workplace? If so, you may have been suffering from a commonly misunderstood ailment, sick building syndrome.

Sick building syndrome (SBS) is the name given to the occurrence where building occupants claim to have experienced a variety of problems but where no illness or diagnosis can be identified. This can occur in the home or more frequently at high stress work places. The cause of this is believed to be a combination of factors all related to the unnaturalness of staying in doors for such long period of times. The problem in the structure has been even further narrowed down to improper ventilation, contaminants of the chemical or biological nature. With inadequate ventilation, the air stagnates and is unable to keep the flow of bad air out and quality air in.

In addition to the air quality, other contributing factors can be found in the work environment. The stresses associated with it, poor communication or relationships are often seen to exacerbate the problems.  Working nearby office technologies such as copiers etc. So if you can’t escape the possible causes at work or home, what can be done to prevent yourself from falling ill to it?

Number one, and we say this all the time, keep your HVAC system maintained, and for good reason! Air quality is incredibly important and in addition to all those listed in that article, it helps prevent sick building syndrome in a big way. The use of toxin absorbing plants can be equally important, removing the contaminants from the air while the HVAC works to cycle it all out. Vacuuming and regular cleaning can also keep the number of particles down, which in turn helps the HVAC system work more efficiently, consistently.

If you’ve been feeling ill or generally out of sorts and can’t narrow in on the cause, take a look at your home. It may be all the time you’re spending inside trying to recuperate is actually doing you wrong.

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