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This blog we wanted to talk about something we hadn’t spent much time on in the past. No, rarely do we mention this service as we’re too often caught up in those big ones of HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing. But, in addition to all those wonderful services, did you know we also handle lighting as well? That’s right, this time on the blog we’re putting a spotlight on our lighting services and what kinds of jobs we tackle.

  • Accent lighting
    • Accent lighting is any sort of light fixture that’s purpose is to draw attention to a specific are or object. These can be indoors or out.
  • Chandeliers
    • The fanciest of lighting solutions these feature a hanging light with several branches for bulbs or candles. We’ll take care of any electricity based ones; candles aren’t our bag. Oh and keep any popstars from swining on them.
  • Under cabinet lighting
    • Lighting built into the bottoms of cabinets, usually a light bar or bulb fixture. These can really class up your kitchen remodel!
  • Landscape lighting
    • Outdoor illumination, whether for safety, security, or nighttime recreation or looks all of these fall under landscape lighting. This is a truly broad one that ranges from motion activated flood lights to accent lights built around your garden fountain.
  • LED retrofits
    • Say you have a favorite vintage lighting fixture that still uses bulbs, but you are making your home green and also want the brightness LED offers? Well, that’s a simple custom job of retrofitting where we’ll upgrade your old lights, providing modern performance but maintaining vintage looks.
  • Custom lighting
    • Dreamed up a project but don’t see it listed here? Don’t for a second think that means we can’t help you! We’ll work together to build up a solution to whatever lighting situation you have.

Those are just some of the lighting features and their descriptions of what we can do. Hope you’ve found some inspiration for your next project.  We’ll catch you next time on the Parker & Sons Blog!

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