Several Common Plumbing Mistakes - Parker & Sons

Let’s face it, plumbing is an essential part of everyday life. Could you imagine going through a day without out? How would your brush your teeth, take a shower, clean your dishes or use the bathroom? You just couldn’t. So, it is a good idea to learn how to solves some minor plumbing problems all on your own, so that your entire world doesn’t come screeching to a halt if something does go wrong. However, there are a few simple mistake you need to make sure you avoid. Today, we will talk about two of them.

Foreign Objects

This can be seen most often in the kitchen with garbage disposals. People destroy their disposal by dumping all sorts of garbage down the drain. While disposals do help break down scraps, not all scraps should be put through the system. This includes items like watermelon rinds, pumpkin pieces, and excessive potato peels. People who do several DIY projects should be conscious of refraining from dumping building or arts and crafts supplies into the sink, regardless of how convenient it might be. Lastly, there is the famous toy in the toilet. Though children are not the only culprit in this silly mistake. People get all sorts of crazy ideas as to what can make it through a toilet flush. Regardless of what some may think, household items do not belong in your porcelain throne.

Excessive Force

It all begins with impatience. Usually you aren’t getting the hot or cold water you desire, or the faucet is dripping, so you yank and crank the handle of the sink as far as it can go in hopes of better results. This might seem harmless, but it can actually break the handle of your faucet without solving any of the issues you were previously facing. It should also be noted that any amount of excessive force on plumbing fixtures is a bad idea. Things like shower heads and bathtub faucets were not built for weight and can break under constant resting or supporting. Resting your feet or hanging a shower caddy from these fixtures will wear them down.

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