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When it comes to AC, the air filter can make all the difference. Sure, an AC unit with a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating of 20 would be nice, but not everyone enjoys this coveted luxury. For lay people, choosing the correct AC filter could mean thousands of dollars worth of savings in the long run. What’s more, a decent AC filter will result in better air quality and a reduction in allergies. It is best to maintain your air conditioning, and clean the system regularly.

Different AC Filters

There’re a multitude of different air filters available for HVAC. For instance, pleated air filters are lauded for their durability and strength. Also, they are known to effectively filter our dust mites, pet dander, pollen, and other foreign pollutants. But a pleated air filter needs to be changed every 90 days which can be an inconvenience.  For those individuals looking for a more permanent, sustainable, air filter, a washable air filter is your best bet. These air filters are typically ten times more energy efficiency than the disposable filters. They are easy to clean, requiring only a gentle hosing session. The key is to completely dry the air filter before reinstalling it. There are also fiberglass filters, which are referred to by HVAC providers as fiberglass filters. These filters are less expensive but will need to be replaced every 30 days.

Call the Professionals

Regardless of what filter you choose, it is best to consult a professional. Parker and Sons has been providing quality HVAC services to the valley for over forty years. What started as a van and garage operation has evolved into one of the leading service providers in the valley. In fact, Parker and Sons has been voted number one service provider five years over by Ranking Arizona.

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