Seasonal Temperatures of Phoenix Explained - Parker & Sons

In Phoenix, the cycle of the four seasons is arguably nonexistent. It seems more reasonable to claim that there are only two seasons: summer and not summer. Not summer starts sometime in October, and continues until April. During this time period, weather is basically ideal all the time. Arizonians of the valley can expect a temperature range between 80 and 40 degrees during this time, clear sky, and an abundance of sun. The coldest month is almost always January, but one can hardly use the adjective cold correctly, because temperatures tend to hover around 50 degrees for most of the day. Indeed, the desert during the not summer months is a respite from the pesky climate the rest of Americans have to deal with. Parker and Sons is proud to provide heating services during these months to maintain ideal temperatures in the household.

The Scorching Summer

As desirable the not summer months of Phoenix are, the summer months are equally as undesirable. Starting sometime around April, the desert comes alive as the sweltering rays from the sun heat up this giant sandbox to temperatures approaching 100 degrees. In fact, the hottest month ever recorded in Phoenix occurred during June, as temperatures averaged 122 degrees. We at Parker and Sons advise residents of the Phoenix, Arizona area to exercise extreme caution during these summer months. Staying indoors is a must, and wearing sunblock outside is a necessity. It is also not unwise to wear sunglasses to protect the iris from harmful UV Rays, and drink plenty of water to combat dehydration.

Without air-conditioning, Phoenix, Arizona would be an inhospitable waste land. Indeed, the history and legacy of Parkers and Sons is intertwined with the rich rawhide-esq legacy of the Arizona desert and the Phoenix sun itself.

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