Safety School: Electricity and You (Part 3) - Parker & Sons

This time on Safety School, we’re looking at two things are no doubt in the room with you right now. In every room of the house, maybe multiples! Outlets and light bulbs. ‘What’s there to worry about here,’ you may be thinking. Well if it has not been made clear yet then maybe we’re not doing our best job. These things are hooked up to electricity, and that can mean that you need to proceed with caution when working with or around them. That’s right even, outlets and light bulbs. Here are some safety tips to add to your knowledge base.

Outlet Safety

Safety cover plates aren’t just for parents! Oh no, those covers will prevent any other seeking objects from finding their way into the waiting outlet and causing shorts or worse, fires! A practice that just about everyone is guilty of, but it is dangerous no matter what is the overloading of outlets. You know, when you have to plug in your tv, your surround sound, your blu ray, and next thing you know you have two power strips plugged into each other and the outlet. When this comes up, it’s time to admit defeat and pivot. Relocate some power sources to another outlet and make it work safely. Last but certainly not least is to keep the outlets properly covered. That means secure and complete plates that cover all wiring. Having any exposed component of your electrical system is just looking for trouble.

Light Bulbs

The number one electrical component in a home, with at least one in most rooms, if not more. That means that for every light in the house, there’s one more opportunity for safety. In all your fixtures, use bulbs that have the correct wattage. As mentioned on a prior blog, using the incorrect wattage can cause bulbs to burn out faster or overheat and become a potential fire hazard. When changing the bulbs (with the correct wattage!) make sure to screw the bulbs in tight. As with wires, any loose bulb will leave the circuit exposed and make sparks or shorts. And of course, when you’re changing those bulbs out make sure to turn the fixture off completely. Prevent any possible avenue for shock before it happened.

That will do it for us from the Parker & Sons blog. Hope you found it informative. If you’re worried about the safety specs of your home call us up, it is one of the many electrical services we offer.

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