Safety School: Electricity and You (Part 2) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons blog. Previously this month we covered common electrical problems found throughout the home and last time we moved on to best safe practices to keep your family safe. That education will continue today as we go past appliances and head outdoors.

Extension Cords

Extension cords have received their own post before, but that was a year ago now so let’s just summarize quickly here. When it comes to extension cords, much like appliances, you want to always give it a look over for any damage or fraying. Make sure that the cord is rated for whatever environment you plan to use it (outdoor/indoor), and that you’re using the proper length for the task. Avoid water. Make sure your cords are in low traffic areas. When done pull the cord at the outlet itself rather than tugging it the length of the cord, that could damage the outlet.  Further, don’t modify the cord’s plug, and do not attempt to staple or nail the cord in a position.


Electricity isn’t only running through the outlets and cords of our home; it has to come from somewhere! When working outside, around power lines here are things to keep in mind. Keep your trees pruned and a safe distance from power lines overhead and where they approach the home. Using a ladder outside? Keep an eye out for power lines and make sure you’re not working anywhere nearby. The last thing you want is to be moving your ladder and accidentally make contact with a power line. Never approach a downed line, assume any contact with a power line can be deadly (because it can!) While the downed line may give no easily observable signs, that does not make it any less dangerous.

We will close the safety handbook there for now. Take these tips and add them to your toolbox. Next time on the Parker & Sons blog we will continue with the safety measures that are no doubt needed the most. What are the best safety practices when it comes to light bulbs and outlets? We’ll tell you next time!



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