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Let’s set the scene. It is 8:35 P.M. and you are settling down in your most comfortable reclining chair, excited to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Correction — you are more than excited, you can’t—freaking–wait. The Mrs. is in the other room doing whatever it is she does on a Sunday night, and you, you are just ready to get started. You reach across your body to grab the remote when you notice something. Or rather… you DON’T notice something. Your ring. Your wedding ring. ITS GONE.

Well, this could be a problem.

You toss a sidelong glance at the TV. Somehow, unconsciously, while your brain was panicking, your body managed to turn it on. You hear the familiar (and amazing) title music roll. You see the detailed map of Westeros unfold. You look back down at you barren ring finger and think for a moment, “can this wait..?”

Your (lovely) spouse walks innocently into the kitchen to grab a sparkling water from the fridge. As she passes by she looks at you and smiles (she knows), she says (she KNOWS) “are you excited for your show hun?”

You stammer for a moment then reply, “Ya… of course! So excited” (SHE KNOWS!!!)

You decided that this ring situation really can’t wait. You turn off the TV.

You think hard. You begin retracing your steps. What were you doing just before you sat down to watch TV? Oooohya. That’s right. You were washing the dishes! Bingo. Your ring must have fallen down the drain.

Now normally this would be a moment to panic. After all, your first instinct is to call a plumber, and there is no way you can explain that to your wife without the truth coming out. But wait. Wait, wait wait. There is no need for such rash action. Parker & Sons is here to help. This Ring Recovery Operation should be a piece of cake. Let us be your guide.

Look underneath most household sinks and you will find a U-shaped bend in the pipes. This is called the P-trap, and it is designed specifically to save your bacon in messy situations like this. As long as you have a few standard tools available, retrieving your lost ring should be a simple matter. We will walk you through the job step-by-step.

  1. Grab a bucket, pail, or any other similar receptacle. Lay a towel down under the P-trap and place your bucket on top of it. While the situation is already pretty messy, it could get even messier when you talk apart the P-trap. The bucket/towel are there to minimize the mounting mess.
  2. Next, you will need a wrench or a set of pliers. These are essential tools for any homeowners, hopefully, you have some laying around! If not, now is as good a time as any to buy them. Located the nuts at the top of the P-trap (the side closest to the drain) and the bottom (the side leading into the wall). To remove the P-trap, you will have to loosen both of them. Begin with the top one then move on to the bottom.
  3. When you loosen the P-trap, all the nasty liquid slime and fiflth is going to come spilling out. Good thing you had the bucket in place. Primarily, the P-trap is designed to protect your plumbing system from clogs by catching slime, sludge, and large food particles. You will find all of that inside along with plenty of gross, dirty water.
  4. Upend the P-trap and dump out the contents into your waiting bucket. Now comes the final gross part – looking through that mess. Hopefully you can locate your ring quickly without any hassle. It should stand out from all the slowly decomposing grossness.
  5. Now that you have found your ring it is time to wash it off and reassemble the P-trap.Make sure you really, really wash that ring off.

If,unfortunately, your ring isn’t in the P-trap, it is time for plan-B. Either you lost it somewhere else in the house, or it has escaped further down the plumbing system. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is to call a professional plumber like Parker & Sons.

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