Renewing Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - Parker & Sons

Parker and Sons is the top dog of Arizona’s heating and cooling industry. Why is that? One might ask. Well, maybe it’s because we’ve been around for 40 years, or maybes it’s because we require all our employees to be Trust Certified, but it’s probably because we are 100% committed to complete customer satisfaction.

Formula for Quality Service

When someone calls a plumber, or a heating and cooling technician, they have a few simple expectations. First, they expect the service professional to complete the job they were hired for, successfully. Part of this can be attributed to quality training and rigorous certification; adequately assessing the situation plays a part and making only promises you can keep is another important element. All of our professionals are encouraged to keep the customer satisfied, and never blow hot air at them. Secondly, professionalism plays an important role in quality service. If a technician shows up at your house with mud on their feet, blood shot eyes, and an overall disoriented look, you should send them back where they came from immediately. All of our technicians are required to uphold a level of professionalism up to par with what the customer deserves; and our trust certification process involves important security measures such as background tests and drug tests.

Why are we #1?

Often time’s people ask how we have become so successful. How did we managed to win Arizona’s #1 service provider 5 years over? Well, the answers quite simple. We actually deliver. People make promises all the time and break them. We do not. There’s nothing worse than business that will claim to bring you the world and then fail to deliver. At Parker and Sons we believe in good old reliable quality service, and that my friends is why we are the best.

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