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Flowers, boiling water on the stove, and burning incense are all measures one can take to improve the quality of their home’s internal atmosphere. However, these methods are merely a band aid that will sustain your home’s atmosphere, momentarily. The most effective way to assure you home circulates clean healthy air is to install a humidifier. A humidifier adds moisture to the air which protects against dry hair and other unpleasant maladies due to poor air quality.

Hazards Associated with a Humidifier

Homes without a humidifier positioned somewhere near the central HVAC system may cause residents dry skin, cracked skin, or the infamous cracked lips. You may be able to cover up the condition with balms and lotions, but these are once again a temporary fix. A humidifier will saturate the air with moisture and increase the health of your skin.

Dry Hair and Unsightly Split Ends

Most women know that split ends are caused by dry hair, and everyone knows that split ends look atrocious. Dry air will suck the vigor and youth out of your hair and cause it to appear brittle and unsightly. Worst of all, the dry air will affect the health of your scalp, causing disgusting dandruff. But the presence of a humidifier could remedy all of this, and even make you more beautiful. No home should go without one.

Allergy and Cold Symptoms

In order to account for the lack of moisture, your body produces excess mucus in the sinuses which lead to congestion. This mucus then drips down your esophagus causing a sore throat. But with a humidifier symptoms are shown to be drastically reduced. Doctors often recommend these to patients who struggle with sore throat, cold, and flu like symptoms.

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