Ready for the Holidays? Prepare Your Heating System Too!

If you’re like most people, the holiday season is equal parts a time you look forward to because of all the celebrating involved and a time you dread because of all the work this entails. While this may simply be the nature of the season, you don’t have to take on unnecessary work. For example, be sure your heating system is properly prepared and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Should you neglect to run through your maintenance checklist, you’ll definitely have a hard time getting into the spirit this year.

Clean or Replace the Filter

Whenever you’re dealing with heating system maintenance, it’s always a good idea to begin with the filter you’re using. Dirty filters are going to be less effective—or nearly completely ineffective—than those that are clean and working properly. However, don’t forget that this could mean potentially putting unnecessary stress on your system in order to receive the required amount of heat. Furthermore, you can bet you’ll be paying more in utilities to make up for the extra challenge your filter is providing. Worst of all, you may come home one day to find your system has completely shut down because of the filter’s interference.

Depending on the model you use, your filter should be cleaned or replaced just about every three months.

Handle Blower Belt and Motor Maintenance

Your heating system and car’s engine have a number of things in common. Two very important features are the belts and oil both systems need to run properly. The more exposure your heating system has to outdoor air, the more the blower belt is likely to fray. When this happens, you won’t be getting the desired performance from your heating system, meaning your home will heat much more slowly. Unfortunately, this can also lead to your engine becoming more and more damaged.

Take a look at your belts to see if they have frayed at all and replace them as needed. Then put a drop of oil in the motor or whatever your user manual recommends.

Check Blower Doors Too

While you’re down there, take a look at your blower’s doors as well. If working properly, they should be sealed. This way, they’ll make sure that carbon monoxide and other combustion gases safely exit your home instead of putting your family in serious danger.

Clean Your Vents

Just like your filters, your home’s heating vents play a major role in how well it’s HVAC system is able to keep it warm. Turn your system on and then go around the house to ensure heat is coming from the vents. It’s also a good idea to clean these vents thoroughly if you haven’t done so since fall or summer. Increased use of your heating during the winter months could mean allergens stuck on the vents get spread.

Enjoying your home’s heating system this holiday season doesn’t have to mean any extreme forms of maintenance. As long as you go through the checklist above, some minor maintenance is probably all you’re going to need to ensure you and yours stay nice and warm this winter.

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