Quick Tips to create a Green Bathroom | Parker & Sons

The bathroom is an ideal room for a quick, eco-friendly makeover. At Parker & Sons we take environmental awareness very seriously, that’s why we wanted to share these “going green” tips with you:

1. Replace your old toilet with one of today’s high-efficiency models. Purchasing an eco-friendly toilet can help reduce nearly 30 percent of indoor water use.
2. Install a properly sized electric vent fan in the ceiling of your bathroom to remove moisture in the air and prevent mold from growing, effective control is important to prevent respiratory and structural problems.
3. Add an easy to install low flow aerator to your sink or faucet to reduce water consumption as well as your water heating, water, and sewage bills.
4. Purchase a low volume showerhead with different spray patterns so that you can feel the same water pressure while conserving water use.
5. Replace the flush valve on your toilet if you feel that it is leaking. Replacing the toilet valve is an easy, efficient way to stop leaking and save thousands of gallons of water per year.

For more information on “going green” and for help with installation of new bathroom products please give Parker & Sons a call!

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