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Whether you want to go green or save a little green, yourelectric bill may hold the answers. We’ve compiled a list of small changes thatwill help you be more efficient and money savvy when it comes to your energyusage.

1. There’s An App For That Isn’t there always?

There are plenty of apps on the market that track how much energy you use and give you advice on how to change your habits and save money each month.

2. Bench Your Water Heater

Unless your care labels specifically ask you to use hot water, wash your clothes on cold. Same fresh feeling with a much lower cost!

3. Change Those Filters

When dirt clogs your air filters, your system has to work harder to get air through. Find replacement filters here.

4. Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home

Turn off your lights when you’re not in the room. Easy as that!

5. Keep Your Vents Open

It’s a common myth that if you don’t use a room, you should close your vents. This actually makes your system work harder and runs the risk of expensive damage down the line.

6. Unplug

No, we’re not talking about leaving your phone at home when you go out for dinner. We mean literally unplugging appliances from the walls when they’re not in use. As long as the appliances are plugged in, they’re pulling energy.

7. Leave Them Hanging

Whenever possible, hang your laundry items out to dry. Dryers use a good chunk of energy and produce heat.

8. Ditch the Lint

When you do choose to use your dryer, make sure to clean out your lint trap. Full lint traps, aside from contributing to 2,900 home fires a year, make your dryer less efficient. Clean out the trap every use and rinse it with soap and water every few months to keep things running smoothly.

9. Utilize Dryer Balls

The less you use your dryer, the less it costs you. Amazing! Dryer balls can cut dry times by 25%. If air drying isn’t a possibility, dryer balls like these are a great energy-saving alternative.

10. Ask for Help

When in doubt, ask the experts. Visit Parker and Sons today for all your cooling, heating, plumbing, electrical, water treatment and indoor air quality needs.  You can join the thousands of Valley residents that have received service backed with our exclusive 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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