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This time on the Parker & Sons blog we are covering a topic we’ve touched on many times (and those are just this winter!), but never fails to be a useful one. That’s right, as we boldly move from Winter into Spring (which often means straight to Summer for us here in Arizona) it’s time to take a look at our energy consumption and how to bring it down easily.  Depending on whether you’re renting or you own your home, the things you can do are slightly different. Here are just a few of them.

Low/No Cost Energy Saves

  • Air dry your dishes, instead of using the dishwasher’s drying cycle.
  • Air dry clothes.
  • When you wash clothes and dishes, wash only full loads.
  • When it comes to washing yourself, stick to short showers rather than baths to decrease water usage.
  • When heating or cooling your home, ensure all the windows and doors are closed.
  • And of course, when things aren’t in use turn them off! Keep all home electronics plugged into power strips and switch the power strip to off when not in use. When things are plugged in but not on, they’ll still drain watts.

Heating and Cooling Saves

Heating and cooling your home uses the most energy and money by far; studies show that it typically takes up 48% of people’s utility bills. With that in mind, what can we do to keep those costs down?

  • The low cost fix, set your thermostat as low in the winter, and as high in the summer as you are comfortable.
  • Clean/replace air filters. We talk about it all the time when it comes to keeping your HVAC unit in tip top shape.
  • If your home uses heaters and radiators, make sure they’re cleaned and are not blocked by furniture. Eliminating anything that blocks the sources of heat will allow the heaters to work that much more efficiently.

Here are some other tips we have elsewhere on our site that may cover points we missed today. Like we said at the top, energy (and by extension money!) saving is one of our most commonly discussed topics, and next time we will look at some more long term solutions.

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