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In our last post, we provided a brief overview of Arizona’s unique monsoon season. Monsoon season is an essential and exciting part living in Arizona. It is crucial to the life cycle of Arizona’s diverse and beautiful biomes. The monsoons season is something most Arizona residents look forward to and cherish. However, monsoon season is not without its dangers. Among those dangers are lightning strikes. In today’s blog, we will discuss what you should be doing to protect your home from lightning strikes.

Why Lightning Strike Protection is Important

In our modern era, lightning strike protection is more important than ever. Who isn’t almost entirely reliant on a host of electrical appliances and devices? From the cell phone to the computer to the home-automation system, electronics practically run our lives. If you are not properly protected and prepared, a single unfortunate lightning strike could fry all of the electronics in your home. Sounds pretty miserable, doesn’t it?

Protecting from the Surge

One of the primary issues with lightning strikes is that they do not even have to strike your home directly to do damage. In fact, direct strikes are relatively uncommon. However, a lightning strike near your home, especially if it strikes near a power line or electrical box, could cause a massive electrical surge. It is this surge that rolls through your home and burns out all of your electronics. To protect yourself, you can plug your electronics into surge protectors, rather than directly into the wall. You can also install a comprehensive surge protector in your circuit box to protect your entire home.

Staying Grounded

Occasionally, direct strikes can happen. For this reason, building codes mandate that home be grounded, allowing electrical charges to be directed harmlessly into the earth. This dramatically reduces the risk of experiencing a fire or personal harm as a result of a lightning strike.

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