Preventing Mold and Mildew in Your Bathroom - Parker & Sons

No one likes mold or mildew. Not only do they both smell disgusting, but they have the potential to cause long term, serious health related issues for you and your family. Even if you have never had an issue with mold or mildew, learning about how to prevent mold and mildew buildup can benefit everyone. Here are just some of the ways to prevent mold and mildew buildup in your home…

In the bathroom:

More so than any other room in your house, the bathroom is easily the most prone to a mold and mildew problem. Why might that be? Both mold and mildew arise out of areas with moisture. And because you and your family might be taking showers or baths multiple times in one single day, it can be difficult for all of that excess moisture to dry up. Luckily, there are some steps to take…

  1. After you use the shower or bathtub, be sure to wipe any areas that haven’t had the time to air dry. This will help to remove any excess liquid that could lead to mold or mildew.
  2. After you use the shower or bathtub, open the windows so that your bathroom can dry faster. You don’t even need to open the window completely, which is good when it’s cold outside. Even opening it up an inch or two will make a world of difference in preventing mold and mildew.
  3. Turn on your bathroom overhead fan while you’re in the shower or bathtub to help air flow while you’re in the bathroom.
  4. While you might not be doing this often enough, you should be throwing your shower towels in the washing machine every few days. Even though towels are supposed to be dry, hanging them on a hook instead of a rack can lead to mildew buildup in those areas that aren’t completely dry. You’ll know this is an issue because you’ll be able to smell the mildew.
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