President Obama Vows Once Again to Reduce Green House Gas Emissions - Parker & Sons

Commander and Chief Barrack Obama recently released an executive order designed to reduce the government’s greenhouse house gas (GHG) emission by forty percent over the next decade. The order is designed to save taxpayers $18 billion in energy costs. The order also involves the federal government increasing their share of renewable resources by up to 30 percent. At Parker and Sons, we are committed to helping out the environment, lending a hand when we can.

In the wake of the order, many federal suppliers are announcing a commitment to cut GHG emissions. The collective effort of the Federal Government and its new suppliers is projected to decrease GHG emissions by 26 million metric tons by the year 2025. And to strengthen the effort, the administration is offering incentives to major Federal suppliers to jump on board with the new wave of conservation.

It is hard to say that America is not a country of big government. The Federal Government boasts 360,000 buildings, 650,000 fleet vehicles, and spend $445 billion dollars annually on all goods and services. The Feds pledge to reduce emissions will drastically reduce the global footprint left behind by America.

The Feds plan encompasses a wide array of energy saving techniques. They hope that 25% of the energy they consume will be clean energy (electric and thermal) by the year 2025. They also intend to reduce the miles per gallon on federal fleet services by 30 percent by the year 2025. These regulations alone, which are very feasible, will save an immense amount of energy. If the federal government can encourage its major suppliers to jump on board, then the potential energy saving could be immense. Let it be known that all of the federal government’s major suppliers rake in at least $1 billion dollars in annual revenue.  If the government makes good on its promises, it is likely that a trend in energy conservation will occur, for it is likely that the private sector will follow suit.

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