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A white football helmet against a red and white background

With fall just around the corner, that means football season is finally here! It’s the season that is filled with the sounds of pads knocking, refs’ whistles, and lots of cheering. We know many of you love to host friends and family to help root on our Arizona Cardinals. If you too are getting psyched for football season, here are a few things you can do to get your house ready before kickoff.

Flexible seating

An important part of the football viewing experience is seating. If you don’t have enough comfortable seating, it can ruin the whole game. You don’t want that! Chances are, your living room won’t be able to seat everyone in existing chairs and couches. When your number of game-viewing guests outnumber the available seating, an alternative way to host people is with comfortable, floor cushions. Make sure you strategically place them around the coffee table, and your guests should be set. And, if the room you want to use isn’t big enough, setting up another room (like a man cave) would be the next ideal solution!

Outdoor tailgate area

It may seem weird to think about it right now, but it’ll eventually cool off a bit here in Arizona. When it does, why not consider taking your watch party outside! Get the grill going, set up a bar area, and add an outdoor fire to give your viewing experience a tailgate kind of feel!

Cold, thirst-quenching beverages

Another key part of an optimal, football viewing experience is having a multitude of beverages on-hand throughout the game. And, you want to ensure that they are ice-cold, which can sometimes be tough! There are many solutions to this chilling problem. One is simply filling a cooler with ice and setting it out of the way or outside. But if you want the beverages to be cold on-demand, we recommend a double-walled stainless steel tub. They don’t leak water or leave a mess after use and will keep the drinks ice-cold for hours!

Don’t let your HVAC system or plumbing be an issue when prepping for a watch party; look no further than Parker & Sons. For more than 40 years we’ve been serving The Valley. We’re your trusted home service partner. Please give us a call at (602) 273-7247 or schedule an appointment online.

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