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An innovative new technology known as germicidal light waves offers homeowners the opportunity to keep their homes cleaner and more sanitized. Similar to UV light systems found in hospitals and other sensitive areas, germicidal light waves are made available through technology known as air scrubber systems. While similar in some ways, and air scrubber is different than a UV light system in other ways.

Troublesome Odors And Allergens

For example, an air scrubber creates an enviro-scrubbing type of system that targets molecules using germicidal light waves. Air is processed in this way and then sent throughout the home to clean and effectively disinfect virtually all surfaces. In fact, the technology is so reliable that it will typically disinfect up to 99% of all surfaces in the home. An air scrubber system will remove microorganisms, troublesome odors and allergens as well as dust from the air that the occupants of the home take in on a daily basis.

Throat Irritation And Skin Rashes

Many doctors are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of air scrubbers for homeowners. In fact, research has shown that those with a wide variety of symptoms have enjoyed relief by having an air scrubber system installed. Symptoms include everything from a weakened immune system to nausea and vomiting as well as dizziness and headaches. Even eye irritation, nose irritation, throat irritation and skin rashes can effectively be alleviated in many instances through the use of an air scrubber system. Those with sinus problems, asthma and chronic coughing as well as a wide range of respiratory infections and irritations can also stand to gain from air scrubber technology.

The Systems Are Surprisingly Affordable And Very Reliable

Other common symptoms that are often reported because of poor indoor air quality include chest tightness and ongoing allergy related problems. Even household odors that are hard to eliminate are no match for today’s modern day air scrubber technology. Best of all, these systems once installed operate 24 hours a day resulting in a cleaner and healthier home. These systems are surprisingly affordable and very reliable. Working with the right heating and cooling contractor is the best way to ensure that an effective and useful air scrubber system is installed correctly. Contact Parker & Sons today for Phoenix air scrubber systems and other heating and cooling related services.

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