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Last time on the blog we discussed making sure your HVAC unit was ready to handle seeing more frequent use, and what possible obstacles there are to that. We also mentioned, briefly, a link back to our blog discussing winterizing your pool. Then it occurred to us, woah! It’s almost April! And with the temperatures rising it may be time to start getting your pool ready! While the average high in April is about 85 degrees, pool weather is fast approaching, and you certainly don’t want to be one step behind when the perfect pool day hits. Here are some quick tips to make sure your pool is party ready.

  • Pool Cover
    • If you have a pool cover, you’ll want to drain and remove it. Make sure it’s cleaned up before you store it to make it easier to use later. You don’t want to have to worry about mold covering your cover while it is in storage.
  • Pool Equipment
    • If you disconnected all of your pool parts (the pump, filter, heater, ) then now is the time to get them all out and connected once more. Make sure everything is cleaned and ready for fresh use.
  • Balance It
    • Check your pool’s chemistry and get it up to snuff. Getting your water’s pH to comfortable swim levels should be done early so that it has time to settle as you go about the other steps.
  • Clean It
    • With all the parts reconnected and back in order and the chemicals back in balance its time for the first cleaning your pool has seen in awhile. Give it a good brushing and vacuuming getting rid of all the debris hanging out in there.
    • Afterwards run the pump over night, getting all the algae and dirt stirred up by the brush and vacuuming.
  • Shock It
    • You know the drill, shock and awe your pool water to kill all the bacteria.

Now it’s just a matter of maintenance to keep your pool swim-ready through Summer.  While it may still be a bit chilly now, you’ll appreciate having taken the first steps in getting your pool ready when that first freak heatwave hits.

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