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No other city in the nation can boast of having as many pools per capita as Arizona. In fact, no other state comes even close. It is clear, Arizona loves the convenience and fun of backyard pools. There is no better activity for a hot summer day than taking a long, leisurely dip in your own backyard pool. It is fun for the entire family, parents and children alike. If you want to keep enjoying your pool, you may want to pay close attention to its upkeep. A pool could turn nasty, very quickly, if it is not properly maintained.

Keep It Balance

It is important to keep the pH levels of your pool carefully balanced. You want your pool water to stay sanitized, and chlorine is 10 time more effective at sanitizing water when it has a balanced pH level. When taking a pH reading for your pool, you want it to be somewhere between 7.2 and 7.8. Unbalanced pools typically wander it the realm of high pH. The best way to lower the pH is to add muriatic acid. Pour muriatic acid into the deep end while the pump is running. Do not get into the pool for several hours after adding muriatic acid, as the acid is very dangerous.

Chlorine Use

Balancing the pH of your pool has a number of benefits, primary among them is increasing the effectiveness of chlorine. Chlorine kills off any algae, microorganisms, or bacteria that might try to make your pool their home. Depending on your pool, chlorine can either be added directly to the pool’s filtration system, or it must be added manually to the pool. Floating chlorine feeders are a popular way to manual add chlorine to your pool. The will gradually release the chlorine, and ensure that it is evenly distributed throughout your pool.

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