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We have spent a lot of time this month talking about innovations that have been made in the plumbing industry. Changes are always afoot, as new technology is developed and new products debut. Today we are going to be turning our attention away from the plumbing side of innovation, and look towards the HVAC industry. For this blog we are going to spend some time considering Plyler’s new Green Filtration System.

What is the Green Filtration System?

That is as good a place to start as any. Traditionally, HVAC systems use disposable air filters. These must be replaced several times a year as they degrade and become dirty. There are multiple problems with this disposable system. First off, if home owners do not know how to change the filters themselves, they will need to spend money hiring someone to do it for them. Further, they will have to purchase new filters every time a replacement is needed. Additionally, disposable filters are not sustainable and have a negative impact on the environment!

It sure sounds like there are a lot of issues with disposable air filters! So, what is the solution? You could consider Plyler’s new Green filtration system.

Plyler’s Green Filters are reusable and sustainable, cutting down on cost and labor and waste! The Green Filtration System comes with two parts: reusable, heavy-duty filters, and the portable cleaning system. Plyler’s filters need to be cleaned several times a year, just like disposable filters. However, these filters can be cleaned on site in just 20 seconds then reused. They do not need to be thrown away like standard filters.

Reusable filters are becoming more and more common and Plyler isn’t the only brand on the market. If you have any more questions regarding reusable filters, please call up Parker & Sons at (602)273-7247 and ask away!

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