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The etymology of the world Plummer can be traced back to the Latin word, pluma, which means lead. Indeed, the Romans utilized lead for their plumbing pipes, differing from the Greeks who used clay. Nowadays, modern plumbers use a wide variety of material for plumbing pipes: copper, titanium, and steal—just to name a few. But regardless of what the pipes are made of, plumbing is like the central nervous system of the city. Everywhere, the flow of civilization is facilitated by indoor plumbing. Despite contrary belief, much is required to be proficient in the art of plumbing, and it is best to consult a qualified plumber to clean your pipes.

Inexpensive Screens

Grease is prone to build up in your kitchen sink and clog the drain. But this could easily be combatted with a very inexpensive purchase. A low cost screen will prohibit cooking grease from clogging your drain. Indeed, this simple addition could save you thousands in the long run. Maintenance is also easy. All one must due is regularly remove the food particles that are prone to build up in your sink, and viola, all is well with your plumbing system.

Fixing a Leaking Faucet

If you allow a leaking faucet to go unchecked, you are literally flushing money down the drain. What’s more, a leaky faucet is one of the easiest repairs, and a monkey has actually accomplished a leaky faucet repair. Sometimes, all that is required is tightening up the pipe or faucet to facilitate proper water flow.

Drain Snake

This is one of those tools that is nifty to have in your back pocket. A drain snake dives into the depths of your sink or toilet and unclogs those hard to reach places. It breaks up debris and facilitates proper water flow once more.

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