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First off, the word plumber comes from the ancient Latin word, pluma which means lead. Lead was the substance used for pipes in the times of antiquity. Nowadays things have progressed. Plumbers use various metals for piping systems including copper, steal, and titanium. No doubt pluming lays the foundation of civilization’s pipes. But not everyone needs to be a master plumber to truly understand the intricacies of the plumbing profession. Below are some of the simple things everyone should know. Indeed, this post could be titled plumbing for dummies.

Screen your Screen

The easiest way to destroy a kitchen sink is to allow for grease to clog your drain. Perhaps the easiest way to prevent against this most unfortunate misfortune is to purchase a low cost kitchen screen. This simple addition could prolong the life of your kitchen sink immensely. But regularly cleaning this drain, and keeping it free from debris will also ensure the longevity of your kitchen sink, arguably the most important drain in the house second only to the toilet.

Leaky Faucet Fixes

For those who are not mechanically inclined the task of fixing a sink seems daunting. It ought not to.  The leaky faucet is an easy repair. Simply pull out a wrench and tighten up the faucet. A successful faucet fix will save you money and make you feel better about yourself. However, if that does not suffice, visit the local hardware store and pick up a brand new spout (directions included). If that doesn’t work, then reach out to a licensed plumber to remedy the malfunction.

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