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Living in the Phoenix area has its perks—warm weather,sunshine, and low humidity. But dry air isn’t always good for you. In fact, dryair is known to cause respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis, chronicbloody noses and other problems. To help improve the air quality of your homewithout investing in heavy duty humidifiers and other costly devices, wethought we might give you a list of the best house plants that can be bothimprove humidity levels in the air and be easy on your wallet.

Areca Palm

According to research done by NASA, the Areca Palm is one ofthe most efficient air purifying plants around in addition to its excellenthumidifying properties. In fact, a large Areca Palm is capable of transpiringnearly one-quart of water in 24 hours. These plants thrive in bright, filteredlight, and enjoy lots of water.

Boston Fern

Thought to be one of the oldest plants still inexistence—ferns have been around for millions of years. The Boston Fern is aneasy, reliable household plant that doesn’t require a green thumb to thrive.Its only requirement is frequent water or misting, but it’ll reward you withadded humidity in your home.

Peace Lily

The Peace Lily prefers medium to low sunlight, filtered, andmoist but well-drained soil. Some varieties of this plant can grow as large assix feet and produce dramatic white flowers making it very pleasing to the eye.It’s a good plant to choose if you want to filter the air of chemicals as wellas add to the humidity of your home. The one caveat is that this plant is toxicto both cats and dogs if ingested, so you’ll want to make sure they know not tomess with it. 

Dracaena Marginata

This might be the nicest looking of all the plants on thislist with its glossy leaves and red edges. However, this slow-growing plant ismore than just pretty to look at—it possesses a couple fantastic qualities.It’s exceptional at removing formaldehyde and benzene from the air as well asother toxins while also creating a humid environment for itself.  The marginata prefers bright indirect lightbut doesn’t mind lower light levels.

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