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Homeowners approach bathroom renovation with a mix of feelings. Some feel full of enthusiastic excitement, as they contemplate the endless possibilities and opportunities of a renovation. Others feel only dread as they think about backbreaking labor and ever mounting expenses. By approaching bathroom renovation with a well thought out plan, homeowners can manage stress, cost, and expectations.

Establishing a Budget

The first thing homeowners should do is establish a firm budget. The budget can be small or large, it all depends on how much homeowners are willing or able to spend. The important part is establishing a number, and sticking with it. A firm budget will force everything else into place. It will help homeowners make decisions, and force them to consider the entire scope of their renovation.

Considering Hidden Problems

One of the best ways to avoid stress during a bathroom renovation is to identify hidden problems, and account for them before they can cost time and money. A “full gut” of the bathroom strips everything down to the walls, and eliminates most hidden problems. If this seems too much work, or is too expensive, it is best to schedule an inspection by a plumber. They can help you identify problems, and establish priorities. It is important to account for all of these expenses in your budget.

Balancing Style and Function

The balance between style and function is one of the most important things to consider when thinking about design. Homeowners always wants things to look incredible, but they need work well too! You may want to install beautiful bamboo fixtures, but when happens if they fall apart the fourth time you use them? Space is another thing to consider. You may fall in love with that giant copper bathtub, but if it takes up every square inch of your bathroom, it may not be practical.


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