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Here at Parker & Sons, we are always manning the phones, taking your calls about plumbing problems. There are a few common issues that come up time and time again. We call these our “primary plumbing problems.” These are plumbing issues that almost everyone faces at some point. One issue that tops the list is high water usage which causes overly high water bills. Homeowners can’t figure out where all their water is going! Often, their water use is high because their home has a number of minor leaks. Some of these leaks can be found by performing a simple visual and auditory inspection. The question is, where should you be looking?

Checking Walls and Under Sinks

Start your visual inspection by looking for evidence of leaks in locations where your pipes enter your walls. If you see discoloring surrounding the pipe and narrowing as it moves to the floor, you may have identified a leak. Next, check under your sinks. The plumbing under your sinks will feature a U-shaped bend. Sometimes, water can become trapped in this bend and seep out. Use a flashlight to check for discoloration under the U-shaped bend. You should also check for signs of mold and mildew.

Listening for Leaks

Now it is time to check for leaks by using your ears. Start in the bathroom. Stand next to the toilet and listen carefully. Do you hear water slowly draining even if no one has flushed recently? That could mean you have a seal leak inside the tank. You should also listen for the plunk-plunk-plunk of slow leaks in your kitchen and bathroom sinks.

Check your Water Meter

The water meter is the final authority on how much water your home is using. Find your water meter and note what the reading. Avoid using any water in your home for several hours. Check back. Has the reading changed? If so, that means you have a leak somewhere! Time to call a professional plumber.

Professional Leak Detection

Our plumbers have the equipment, experience and training to correctly detect the leak in your Phoenix area home.

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