How to Perform a Basic Air Conditioning Check - Parker & Sons

Doesn’t it always seem like things break at the worst possible moment? The printer breaks down the morning you have to print out your term paper. The oven always seems to break on Thanksgiving day when you only have 2 hours left to cook the turkey. And your air conditioning ALWAYS breaks down on the hottest day of the summer. How do you know if your AC unit is reallybroken and requires the attention of a service person, or if there is just a minor problem that you could take care of yourself? Today, we will show you how to perform a basic check on your air conditioning unit.

Identify the Issue

Even if you don’t end up fixing the issue, being able to identify it will help when you talk to a service company. Now to be clear, we don’t mean you need to figure out the CAUSE of the issue. This is a little simpler. Ask, “is the unit blowing? Is it blowing hot air? Is it not blowing at all?” If you can answer these questions, you are off to a good start.

It is not Blowing at all

Is your air conditioner not blowing any air at all, hot or cold? If it is an outdoor unit, this means that the condenser may not be running. If it is an indoor unit, this may mean that the air handler is not running. Often, this can come down to a simple issue. Is the unit receiving power? First, make sure everything is plugged in. Sometimes a plug can become partially dislodged and simply has to be pushed in a bit! Sometimes the circuit breaker may be flipped. Each of these are simple issues you have no need to call a service company for. Good thing you checked first.


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