Parker & Sons’ Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires - Parker & Sons

Our focus at Parker & Sons is always safety first. We are here to do a great job for you and your family, while making sure you stay safe and secure in your own home. Our commitment to excellence wouldn’t allow us to settle for anything else. As we debut our new electrical service, we will start spending more and more time in our blog covering electrical topics. Now, with a mind on safety, let’s look at Parker & Sons tips for preventing electrical fires.

  1. Avoid Overloading

We know you overloaders are out there. We have seen your power strips plugged into other power strips with more power strips plugged into those. And we get it! Sometimes homes just don’t have enough power outlets. Especially not where you need them. Outlets and circuits are only designed to deliver so much electricity. Overloading them can cause them to draw too much power which could cause your wires to spark or deteriorate over time. In older homes, this is an even bigger issue! Avoid overloading. Avoid electrical fires.

  1. Inspect Appliances

Power cords, appliances, power tools, you name it, if it has an electrical cord, you should inspect it. Electrical cords WILL fray over time. Exposed wiring is a massive fire hazard. Make it a habit to inspect your appliances 2-3 times a year. It will just take a few minutes, and it could end up saving you and your family.

  1. Inspect Wiring in Older Homes

By “older home,” we are talking about one that is 30-40 years-old. Electrical wiring has an average lifespan that fits right in there, approximately 30-40 years. Frayed or deteriorating wires inside your walls are a major, major fire hazards. If you have an older home, your best option is to schedule a full-home safety inspection with Parker & Sons.

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