Parker & Sons’ Tips for Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions (Part One) - Parker & Sons

New Year’s resolutions are a common topic in January. Just here in the Parker & Sons blog we have already spent some time discussing them. Earlier we talked about resolving to become a better homeowner. We don’t want you to feel limited. In making your New Year’s resolution, you should commit to improving your life in whatever way you see fit! Keeping a New Year’s Resolution is not always easy. If you need some help keeping your New Year’s resolutions, follow Parker & Sons’ helpful tips.

1) Set Obtainable Resolutions

Motivation is a key factor when it comes to successfully completing a New Year’s Resolution. If you set a goal that is too difficult to achieve, you will likely lose motivation quickly. However, if you always feel like success is just around the corner, you may work harder to achieve it. Set an obtainable goal when creating your New Year’s resolution. If you are resolving to lose weight, set a goal of 20 pounds, rather than 60 pounds.

2) Revel in Incremental Success

Again, achieving success with a New Year’s resolution is all about motivation. If you have set a big goal for yourself, one that may take the entire year to achieve, you need to learn to appreciate all the small steps you take along the way. You can’t rush headlong into success, you have to fight for it. Set up small goals for yourself. Place them incrementally along the road to success. Every time you hit one, take few moments to appreciate this awesome thing you have accomplished. Even if your end goal is still a long ways away, you are moving in the right direction. If you learn to enjoy the journey just as much as you enjoy success, motivation will be no problem at all.

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