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When we started spreading the word that we were debuting electrical services, well, people kept telling us that that is some ‘shocking’ information. Jokes aside, electrical shocks are no laughing matter. Sure, sometimes they can be minor and silly, like when you walk across the wool carpet in your socks then touch something metallic. But they can also be dangerous. In today’s blog, we will review some shocking information with Parker & Sons.

Conduct Yourself

Actually, you want to avoid conducting yourself, or rather being a conductor when working with electricity. A conductor is something that electricity flows through easily and freely. Metals like aluminum and copper are very efficient conductors, which is why they are so commonly used to make wires. The opposite of a conductor is an insulator. Electricity has trouble flowing through an insulator. One well known insulator is rubber.

The human body itself is an excellent conductor because it contains two very conductive substances, H20 (water) and sodium. For this reason, when electricians are working they always wear protective gear like rubber soled shoes and non-conductive gloves.

Typically, electrical shocks happen when someone comes in direct contact with a source of electricity such as an exposed wire or an electrical outlet. If you know you are going to be around such hazardous things, it may be best to contact a professional electrician.

DIY electrical jobs should only be done if you know exactly what you are doing. If you are doing DIY plumbing, the worst case scenario for a mistake may be a flooded kitchen. If you are doing a DIY electrical project, you could end up in the emergency room or worse!

For electrical work, it is best to avoid getting shocked. Call Parker & Sons today at (602)2-REPAIR or (602)273-7247

The only thing you will be shocked about anymore, will be low our prices are!

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