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If you have spent any time around, in, or adjacent to the world of plumbing, you are probably very familiar with the phrase, “drain snake.” For everyone else out there, Parker & Sons is here today to explain. No, a drain snake is not a dangerous reptile living inside your home plumbing system. Just the opposite in fact! A drain snake will be your best friend if you ever experience a major clog. Drain snakes are professionally referred to as “augers.” Let’s learn more!

What is a Drain Snake?

A drain snake, or auger, is a long, flexible, slender metallic wire primarily used to clear drains. Typically, the wire is helix shaped, which helps is navigate the slender confines of the home plumbing system and bust up clogs. The long wire is typically wound up tightly in a handheld device with a circular case for the wire.

How do we use a Drain Snake?

When preparing to clear a clogged sink with a drain snake, bring a bucket and a pair of rubber gloves along with you. Now, remove any obstructions from the mouth of the drain, including screens or traps. Put them to the side. Don’t lose them!! Begin inserting the drain snake slowly into the drain. Rotate it clockwise as you push. Continue feeding it into the drain until you feel resistance from the clog. Don’t confuse a bend in the pipe with the clog. Continue rotating clockwise to attempt to hook the clog. When you have it snagged, pull it slowly out of the drain.

Once the clog is removed, use the bucket to pour rapidly warm water directly down the drain. This should help to break up any remain pieces of the clog.

If the problem persists, consider calling a professional plumber.

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