Parker and Sons Expands in 2015 and Welcomes Hard-Working Team Players to Try-Out - Parker & Sons

Due to a spike in demand for heating and cooling services, we will be hiring 40 new employees in April 2015. Our need to bring on board 40 new hires is a response to a growing demand for our services. The right applicant will have a positive attitude, strong work ethic, and a clean driving record.

For over forty years we have been growing and expanding, keeping up to par with Phoenix and its ever growing economy. What started as a one van operation out of a garage has evolved into one of the largest and most lucrative plumbing businesses in the valley. Our business can be described as family oriented, with an emphasis on good customer service.

We will grant that part of our success is being in the right business at the right time. Any resident of Arizona knows that the summer months can reach unbearable temperatures, transforming the desert into an episode out of Dante’s Inferno. Forty years ago Arizona was basically a sandbox. We evolved alongside this vibrant city, and for this we are forever grateful to the valley for our success.

Our love for the valley and its residents seems to be mutual. For five years straight, we have won #1 service provider in the valley from Arizona Ranking—the largest polling company in the state. Therefore, only applicants with a drive to perform and succeed should apply. Parker and Sons is built on a solid platform of integrity and hard work. We invite anyone with these virtues to apply and join our family tradition of providing value to the valley.

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