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Essentially, reverse osmosis is a process of separating solutes from a liquid using a semipermeable membrane. Originally, it was utilized to filter sea water, and achieved success after a scientist from the University of Florida and the University of California Los Angeles, teamed up to create the first ever reverse osmosis system. But the amount of money needed to bring the technology to fruition was too much. But a one John Cadotte, an innovative scientist, discovered a new design to bring Reverse Osmosis to the forefront. And thus, modern reverse osmosis systems take their genesis.

Reverse Osmosis and Its Modern Uses

Reverse Osmosis was originally lauded by the food industry for its ability to provide cheap clean drinking water to its customers. Eventually, the technology became economically feasible, and it hit the American domicile. Now, portable reverse osmosis kits are available, and grant users access to clean water anywhere & everywhere. Indeed, if you are taking a voyage into the woods, then you might want to invest in a portable reverse osmosis system, it could save your life.

In the Home

It is highly advisable to install a reverse osmosis system in the home. For one thing, it serves as a second layer of filtration before filling your drinking glasses. What’s more, water that is run through a reverse osmosis system tastes better. No need to whip out the tang mix to hide the taste of your water. Reverse osmosis provides high quality H20 in its purest form.

Call the Professionals

Do it yourselfers should be able to manage a reverse osmosis installation themselves. But for those individuals strapped for time, or those who are far from mechanically inclined, consulting a professional is highly advisable. Parker and Sons has been rated Arizona’s #1 service provider five times over. Reach out to us today to see what we can do for you.

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