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Plumbers are much more than facilitators of civilization’s flow. They do much more than lay the pipes for a municipality’s success. They are much more than mechanics earning an honest living. Plumbers are also decorators. They have a hidden sense of style and fashion that manifests itself in the type of faucet fashions they recommend or the type of toilet bowls they prescribe. Indeed, plumbing is a vocation that calls to the mechanically inclined and the artistic alike.

Old World Faucet

As the name suggests, and old world faucet has that antiquated vintage look that makes a kitchen or bathroom seem homey, familiar, or friendly. Indeed, these faucets have a rustic pastoral look that brings one back to a simpler time. Often times the spout of an old world fashion faucet vaunts a long curve that dips almost below the faucet levers.


An industrial faucet is essentially your modern utilitarian option. It is sleek, highly effective, and requires minimal maintenance. These home faucets draw their inspiration from the kitchen of restaurants. Dishwashers enjoy the nimble flexibility provided by a water spout on a malleable coil. Well, why can’t a home owner enjoy this same luxury? Lo and behold they can: the industrial faucet.

Post-Modern Design

If you’re surprised that a plumber has the words utilitarian, post-modern, and antiquated in their vocabulary, then shame on you. Plumbers are responsible for the progress and evolution of humanity, and arguably the postmodern faucet is the pinnacle of this progression. The post-modern faucet has automatic hand censors, anti-leaking smart detection, and can be monitored from a portable multimedia device.

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