Next-Gen Smart Tech Saves Energy and Improves Quality of Life - Parker & Sons

30 years ago the world looked very, very different. There was no internet. Not a cellphone to be seen. Televisions were massive, unwieldy rectangles weighing thousands (okay, maybe just hundreds) of pounds. Worst yet, they only came in standard definition.Standard. Kitchen appliances were just simple kitchen appliances. All refrigerators did was keep things cold. Luckily, these times are long passed. Today, we live in the modern era, which frankly feels like the future. Now, next-gen smart technology is available in even the most mundane of household appliances. Let’s learn about how this tech can make your home more energy efficient and improve your quality of life.

Refrigerator Tech

For decades, refrigerators have used vapor compression to keep their contents cool. While this technology has improved, it still relies on environmentally unsafe coolants and requires the use of a lot of energy. Next-gen refrigerators promise to you revolutionary magneticcooling technology which is more environmentally friendly and extremely energy efficient. They will also optimize efficiency by creating “zones” of cooling around specific foodstuffs which require more cooling. They may even be able to let you know what food has gone bad, keeping you from having to waste precious energy cooling spoiled food. Sounds like something the Jetsons would have, doesn’t it?!

Smart HVAC-Technology

While magnetic-cooling refrigerator tech is still a few years away, the era of smart HVAC units is already upon us. Like high-tech refrigerators, smart HVAC units are capable of “zoning” a home, or making some rooms cooler than others. They are also able to a custom heating/cooling program which adjusts to the time of day and to the patterns of the homeowners. They even learn! They can look at heating/cooling data and find out ways to become more energy efficient.

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