New Year’s Resolutions for Parker & Sons (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Welcome back to the Parker & Sons’ blog where this month we are taking some time talk about New Year’s resolutions. With 2017 just weeks away, there is no better time to being thinking about the many ways in which we can improve ourselves, our company, and our service during the upcoming calendar year. We are going to begin by talking strictly about ourselves. In upcoming blogs, we will begin discussing resolutions that you as a homeowner or renter can make to improve the condition of your home, and thus your lifestyle!

In our last post, we resolved to maintain Arizona’s most skilled team of home services technicians and to utilize the latest in home service technology. Today, we are going to cover a new set of resolutions for 2017!

3. Smile Every Day, On Every Service Call

We have always held a commitment to delivering the friendliest service in the Valley of the Sun, but the time has come to redouble that commitment in a way that is sure to spread the cheer and help put smiles on the faces of homeowners and renters across the city. We resolve to smile every day, and to deliver service with a smile. When you open the door to great one of our highly skilled technicians, they will great you with a smile on their face! Happiness and positivity in infectious, so we plan on spreading them wherever we can.

4. Provide Fair and Affordable Prices

Owning and maintaining a home is expensive! When one maintenance concern is fixed, the next is sure to pop up any day now! For that reason, we work as hard as we can to keep prices affordable and fair so that the hardworking people of Phoenix don’t have to break the bank just to fix a broken water heater!

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