New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners (Part Two) - Parker & Sons

Resolving to become a better homeowner is no easy task. There is a lot going on in your home. Parker & Sons, one of Arizona’s best home service companies, a team of over one hundred experienced home service professionals. They have dedicated their entire lives to fixing the wide variety of issues which can crop up in a home. Now, you can’t expect to get this good over the course of a single year, let alone overnight. The best way to become a better homeowner is to learn about the many systems inside your home. Today we are going to consider your HVAC unit.

Resolve to Maintain your HVAC System

In our previous blog discussing your new resolution to become a better homeowner, we touched on the importance of maintaining your plumbing system. We compared your plumbing system to the cardiovascular system in your body. We will go with another biological metaphor to describe your HVAC system. WE will compare it to your respiratory system.

Air circulation in your body and through your home is very important. The best way to maintain your home HVAC system is by entering into a maintenance agreement with Park & Sons. Regular HVAC maintenance could save you big on your monthly utility bill. A saving of use $30 a month adds up to $360 over the course of a year! That may be as much as two full electrical payments.

A maintenance agreement with Parker & Sons has additional benefits. You will receive priority scheduling, a comfort today guarantee, a one year warranty on all workmanship, discounts on most labor and equipment, a 10 percent discount on all repairs, and $50 off a new HVAC system for every year you maintain an agreement. Sounds like a maintenance agreement with Parker & Sons may be the best way to keep your resolution to become a better homeowner! Give us a call today at (602)273-7247 to start a conversation about becoming a Parker & Sons Family Member.

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