New Year’s Resolutions for Homeowners (Part One) - Parker & Sons

The calendar has change, 2016 is here, and January is off to a roaring start. For most of us, the arrival of the New Year means it is time to make New Year’s resolutions. Typical New Year’s resolutions may involve losing weight, saving money, being more active, learning a new language, starting a new career, developing a new outlook, or spending more time with family. Anyone can make these resolutions though. This year, you are going to resolve to do something a little different. You are going to resolve to become a better homeowner.

Resolve to Maintain your Plumbing System

Sometimes people will make the analogy that the home is like a body and the plumbing system is like the body’s veins. You need blood to live, and you need veins to deliver that blood to the disparate parts of your body. Health problems involving your veins are very severe. So too are problems involving your plumbing system.

This year, resolve to keep your plumbing system in absolutely fantastic condition. Your quality of life will increase and you may even save money on your monthly utility bill. Sounds like this resolution will really pay off! The best way to keep it? Schedule routine plumbing inspections with Parker & Sons.Just a few plumbing inspections during the course of the year will go a long way. Potential plumbing problems will be caught before they can turn into massive plumbing disasters.

Additionally, you can make this the year you finally start learning a little about your home plumbing system. There are some simple plumbing tasks you may even be able to take care of all on your own. These are skills which will stay with you for a lifetime. Learning them now could have huge payoffs in the long run.

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