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When it comes to successful plumbing, the key is listening. Indeed, sometimes what you hear is more important than what you see. Below are few helpful tips for diagnosing your plumbing system using solely your auditory sense.

When Your Pipe Whistles at You

If you turn on a faucet or any outlet that dispenses water, and hear a whistle, chances are your water pressure is too low. In order to remedy low water pressure, it is advisable to turn your pressure regulator down. But a whistle could also indicate that debris is lodged in your pipes. Solving this issue requires turning off your main shutoff valve and running the faucet until you drain the remaining water. After the shut off, turn the main pressure valve back on and see where it gets you.

When Your Pipe Hisses at You

This sound indicates the opposite of a whistle. It indicates that your water pressure is too high. Solving the issue may require the installation of a pressure regulator. If you feel unsure of your abilities to install one, reach out to us at Parker and Sons to alleviate the pressure. Another sign of high water pressure is the sound of a thud after you turn off your faucet. This can also be solved by installing a pressure regulator, also, installing air chambers or shock absorbers could help.

The Infamous Drip

Dripping in general is never a good sign. But when it comes to plumbing, it can be devastating. A drippy faucet can waste thousands of gallons of water. It behooves one to remedy the problem immediately by installing a new faucet. Do it yourselfers should be able to handle the endeavor, but those unsure of their home maintenance skills should reach out to us at Parker and Sons.

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