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What’s the first thing you do when you walk into a room? Flip on the light switch, of course. Even though we take it for granted, surprisingly, there’s more to lighting than we can see.

The type of lightbulbs you use, where you place the lighting fixtures and how you wire them are all important parts of lighting your home. We’re here to help you understand it better.


The three types of lightbulbs are incandescent, CFL and LED.

Incandescents have been around the longest, but they also uses the most energy. Not to mention, they can get really hot and pose a fire risk if you leave them on for too long.

CFLs (compact fluorescent lights) were designed as an energy-efficient alternative to incandescents. CFLs are more expensive up front, but they use about 1/3 of the energy that incandescents use, and they last nearly 15 times longer. But, they take some time to warm up and reach their full brightness.

LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are the newest and most energy-efficient lightbulb on the market. The initial cost is higher than CFLs and incandescent bulbs, but the energy savings and longevity of the bulbs are worth the investment. If you want to upgrade to LED lighting in your home, we offer a coupon for $50 off!

Wiring for Lighting

Whenever you install a new lighting fixture, whether it be a ceiling fan, chandelier or recessed lighting, special wiring needs to be done, which should be left to the experts. Each fixture requires a certain kind of wiring, so attempting to do it yourself can be difficult, and even dangerous.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a different beast than indoor lighting. Outdoor lights must be weatherproof and fairly bright, so generally LEDs are the best bulbs to use. Parker & Sons can help install everything from motion-censored security lights and landscape lighting to pool lights and porch lights.

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